Not all links are supportive of  God and Creation.  But they have data that is engaging for thought to the discerning mind.

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Why Some Christians Will Listen...
   I link to many scientific sites on the Internet that by their nature are secular.  I think it is a missed opportunity not to listen to their reasoning.  For they represent the most conclusive and immediate scientific doctrine of who man is, and why.
  Most are sincere in the doctrines of secular science. Honest people and organizations appear to remain neutral, even open, to possibilities of a Being or Force before the moment of the Big Bang.
  We deny ourselves the opportunity to expand our knowledge when we are afraid to expose our faith in God to an opposite view.
  I do not purpose to test your faith by challenging you to explore other ideas.  I challenge you to trust God.  But venture only when you believe you are ready.

"...the continuum is all of the energy, matter and space in the universe at every moment of its existence, past and future."
-- Michael McCollum

Imagine the possibilities and ponder the thoughts of the Creator who made it!

  No one knows exactly how the Universe got started.  Not really because we weren't there.

     We know it began with the smallest particle of [matter] that bonded with other particles to form the most minute of elements as well as compounds -- instantly becoming one thing at one moment and to be ripped apart and bonded again to be something else.

     At one moment, some scientists theorize there was emptiness.  But there was [Potential] because at the next measurable moment known to modern man, the Universe became the size of our own solar system and growing beyond measure.*  Things like the speed of light didn't yet exist and worlds like the earth and stars like our sun were somewhere in the future.

     Something called [Time] was invented.  As time passed, the [Force] that made our Universe kept spreading up and down, to either side, before and after, away from that point of beginning.  As it kept twisting and changing, clashing together and flying apart, something else was invented -- [Order].   

     Order took the form of [Organization], of making things stable and continuous and predictable.  Mass, energy and gravity behaved to a [Command] that teases the Learned.  Most is expressed as theories while the most pompous and arrogant expunge all views but their own.

     And, now, there dwells humanity, riding on a planet that circles a star -  that is part of a group of stars - that joins countless other groups that make up our galaxy.  And our galaxy is part of a neighborhood of galaxies that cluster with other clusters of galaxies - that make up one of countless clusters of galaxies that make up what little we know about our own Universe.

     And, to the delight of many observers, we are discovering that what we see with our eyes and instruments and listen to with our multi-spectral radio telescopes -- they reveal to us that we know almost nothing.  Just when we think we are beginning to understand something, a new, bolder, more radical discovery is made that tosses away or nullifies some of our cherished formulas.               

     Humanity continues to search the heavens for the truth of where it all started, where it all came from.  They are amazed that the little wisp of a molecule that bonded with other matter early on is still there, added to countless other molecules who make everything we are and what we live in.  Some know the Truth.  It's not arrogance but humility and the sureness of faith that's been tested in countless ways that could only lead to one conclusion.

     And one day when it is all finished, when Time fades to Eternity, all of us will know the [Truth].  For God said He created all things, and that by Him all things were created.
Astronomy   The Creation
"In the beginning, God created..."
Genesis 1:1

* <Note:
Einstein, in his theory of relativity, postulated that the controlling "force" in the Universe was not gravity but something called "space-time." And the word, "continuum," is a major topic when mass + space and time interact.  Today's secular science has lent credibility to this if not actually proven it.  What does it mean? For one thing, gravity is a reaction to the curvature of local space and time produced by mass, not force. Looked at another way, the reaction gives us the symptom of gravity.
   Scientist, Steven Hawking, details this a little bit in lay
terms in his book, "A Brief History of Time."
What does this mean to a non-scientist like me?
When the Universe came into existence, there was no time or space outside the perimeter of matter. And thus no laws or rules governing the speed of light.  A reasonable idea, anyway. ~GD