This is a continuing project  9-30-09
          As I continue, I will add quotations and historical documents or supply links to support what I believe our Founders wanted America to be and what it was at one time.  There will also be some quotes or documents where Judeo-Christian principles are used by our Founders.  All of this will be documented and available for your own research and verification.  In the meantime this continues to undergo changes and updates for the sake of clarity and factual information. 
Bear with me as I work on this. Forgive the bad grammar; it'll eventually be fixed.  It's not finished. May it never be finished until America is "Re-Founded" by those who become Reformists.

~Gary Darling

The Reformist Page

          Some on-line dictionaries describe a "reformist" as a radical of sorts with leftist tendencies.  A person who wants to induce a revolution, often with government involvement.  This Reformist wants to induce a change too.  But it's to bring back  America as the Founding Fathers intended for it to be.  Unfortunately this change is opposed by the current generation of politicos in our federal government.  Maybe you haven't noticed.  Then it's time to take a look - a really good look.  If you think it's worth reading more, then follow the links.

Meet a Reformist     9-17-09
          No more a democrat or a republican, I've discovered the iconic title that most defines who and what I am.

          It isn't easy to step away, to make a statement - a declaration.  Doing so will mean I've mostly given up on both major political parties.  First a democrat, I supported what used to be values I believed in.  It wasn't until Jimmy Carter became president that I sensed the start of something that I couldn't give a name to.  It was an unease and a sense that tangible forces, until then unknown and unheard of, were becoming the focus which was giving way to things not American.  I knew that things such as the ACLU, the Teamsters, ACORN, People For the American Way, and the SDS, were more and more associated with the term "liberal" and that it was associated with democrats. 

          I admired Linden Johnson and Jack Kennedy, and in my youthful exuberance saw Martin Luther King as the answer to a new and almost magical solution for freedom and equality.

          When Ronald Reagan won the presidency I had already made up my mind that conservatism, served with a strong resolve to bring back the America that was taught in school, was the answer.  I had since become a Christian and saw the parallel between what Reagan was doing and the principle of serving as Christ had done, not as a party but as a Christian-American.

          I remained a Republican - a conservative of the "Right" - through the first term of George W. Bush.  It wasn't until, literally, the first day after his second win that I felt there were problems and, again, that nagging feeling something wasn't right.

          Today I know what the problems are - the problems that not just I, but millions see killing the America I so dearly loved - that our America is gone, not there.   Only the afterglow of a once powerful and beautiful nation is all that remains.

          I am not smart enough to articulate words that give meaning and descriptions of what has gone wrong.  It can simply be described as corruption, deception, and the selling out of people's representation by those elected to serve us in the federal government.

          A lot of people have caught on to what’s happening: the tricks of career politicians who use trigger names such as abortion, same-sex marriage, illegal aliens, and healthcare to make us follow one or the other back and forth, while nothing is ever accomplished.  In fact these ploys only cover what the politicians are doing, selling their services to powerful special interest groups, some of which have malice toward America.  It no longer matters; staying in power does. 

What about Changing America?  Be careful what you want!
     A word about change.  Does America need to change?  It does!  But change can also mean experimentation - which means you put a label on that "change" and expect certain things to happen, and perhaps it doesn't become what you envisioned.  “Transformation” is another word used lately but means the same thing here.  Rarely is civil or social change better.  It presents a whole new set of problems, and maybe those in power will give you certain promises provided you give up more freedom.  Even the best ideas for change can bring harm along with it.  Have you heard those little words recently: “Transform America," or "Change You Can Believe In!" or "Yes We Can!”  Then there is this: '…the Constitution is fundamentally flawed…'. <> ; (Interview on radio: <>Where have we heard that before?  Our Founders envisioned this possibility which is why we have checks and balances if used as they were originally designed.   The problem is those checks and balances have been cast aside by people who, instead, dishonored their oath to keep and honor them.   10-6-09

The Founding Fathers' concept for government in America is being abused by both those espousing change and - yes - us, the ones who waited and did nothing but allow it to degenerate into a chasm that separates rather than unites us.  The congress and president we have today who threaten what's left of our American way of life are there because we are lazy, complacent, content to let thing go on as long as it doesn't bother us.  We've got to get involved!  The cost is too high to wait any longer.  

Listen to Thomas Paine as he talks about a Second American Revolution for today. 10-20-09

In a Nutshell

          America must be reformed - restored - to its Constitutional and Federalist doctrines. 10-8-09

Truth in Government
Our government must stop the blatent disregard for truth.

Respect for values

          Reformists respect traditional values, practices, lifestyles and institutions grown upon the foundation of American history, its ideals, and even legends.  10-11-09 >> in progress
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          Today’s federal government must stop spending money we do not have, stop borrowing money when America can’t afford to, and stop printing money we can’t back.
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The Laws of America

          Reformists interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights literally.  From that come the laws built on fairness, and there to serve each America equally and conclusively without bias.  10-17-09
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The Burden of Capitalism

          Reformists oppose burdensome government intervention in the free market system.
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Poverty vs. Welfare

          Disgust comes to Reformists who recognize lazy and unproductive people disguising themselves as needy or special,  9-28-09  and discourage free government aid to people in need without adequate oversight and plans for their reform.  10-8-09
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          Reformists are inclined to respect traditional leadership out of basic respect for authority.  Selling themselves to special interests is not deserving of respect.  10-14-09
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Liberty’s Value

          Reformists support the value of liberty, but not when liberty given by our Constitution is prostituted to violate moral, Constitutional and traditional values.  10-9-09
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America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage

          A Reformist sees Judeo-Christian principles as the best answer to turn around the pull of abortion, illicit drugs, corruption, pornography and homosexuality, and believe that people elected to office be an example of these moral principles because, whether they are Christian or not, man has never found a better example of values to follow.  10-14-09
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Self-Government and Government By the People

          Reformists believe in self-government - being the government - empowering those in government to serve people in a majority rule.
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Serving America by Election

          There must be term limits on all branches of government as our Founders envisioned, senators serving no more than two 4-four-year terms, and representatives serving no more than four-terms. 

          Term limits should be mandatory because of the propensity of the elected to wrongly assume that the power and responsibility given to them through elections is a right to be maintained at any cost.

          Our elected representatives must join all Americans in identical healthcare programs, and only a 50% or less retirement benefit. 

          The Judicial Branch of government must be elected by popular vote - not appointed - and should serve no longer than six-years in any one federal district.  Members of the US Supreme Court should serve no longer than one-half generation.

          Reformists believe the judicial system should be the Keeper of the law and apply strict interpretation by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and all precedents supporting them.   In other words, the articles of our freedom are not subject to pluralistic interpretation.

          Elected representatives must be compelled to spend less time in Washington and more time home making a living working in our free-market form of capitalism.   And it is from this that new representatives must come.  10-8-09

          Reformists believe that the vast majority of American people can understand the simple language and meaning of our Nation's charters. 

          In that regard, the people chosen by the electorate to serve as lawmakers and representatives owe singular allegiance to the American people and should have awful respect for the position each one holds through the vote.  Misconduct must be delt with swiftly up to and including retribution and removal from office, imprisionment. and prohibited from ever holding office again.  Acts of treason will be punishable by death.   
9-28-09; being revised 10-20-09
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Stewardship in Nature

          Reformists look at Nature as a resource deserving of stewardship.  They also declare realism that Nature serves man and its resources are there for man's use.  10-8-09
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Life and Death

          Reformists look upon unborn children as both sacred and a gift, and as an ultimate responsibility for nurturing in all that is America.  10-8-09
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The Melting Pot That Is America

          Racial equality is unquestioned; the status of an individual is dependent on that person applying their ability and talent to achieve whatever status the person desires - status is not inherent or privileged solely because of a person's color, sex or political persuasion.  9-28-09
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Virtue and Morals

          Homosexuality and abortion are diabolically opposite of our Judeo-Christian foundation. 

         Taking cue from the historical wisdom of past civilizations, Reformists recognize the tried and tested experiments of humanity and believe this Nation was founded on the best principles of virtue and morality.  American liberty is open to those who participate in such practices.  But there is no room for tolerating open perversion.  9-28-09

          Reformists define "morality" as a term representing Biblical values or as a legacy of decency and modesty handed down from one family generation to the next generation.  This morality is clearly and sharply defined so that "immorality" is the unmistakable opposite - a sin, a wrong, a shame, and a burden.  Morality is held in esteem by Reformists the same way "truth" is:  that it is an inviolable standard to which all else is compared, that it cannot be altered without losing its sacred meaning. 
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Provisions for Supporting the Government

           Reformists believe in taxation that will support a general military and police defense and provide essential services for communities and states to deal with disaster recovery.
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The Military

          Reformists typically support a strong military to defend our Nation and its interests anywhere and at anytime with overwhelming force with the single objective of winning and assuring our security.  10-17-09 

          The military is and remains answerable to a civilian government. 

          The issue of drafting able men ought to be a requirement, preparing them physically, mentally and morally to serve their Nation and their Flag.  The same is held true for women who volunteer to serve their country. 

          These same people are deserving of our highest praise and recognition and ought to be rewarded with full and unquestionable lifetime benefits accordingly.  <<undergoing revision and expansion>> 
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The Family

          Reformists consider the family the cornerstone of American culture.  Families must remain that cornerstone.  The binding tie of the family is what gave civilizations stability and prosperity.  It is the destruction of families and family values that cause the greatest threat to our Nation's stability and future.  For without the teaching -- the very structure of the home that says you are loved, values taught, faith demonstrated --  almost no child can mature enough to go into a  dysfunctional society and prosper, must less can they be expected to reform and restore society's shortcomings.  10-8-09 Reformists believe the authority of the parent over their own child is an inviolate right that no government dare try to intervene and replace.  9-30-09
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Children and Parents

          Children are parent’s greatest asset to the community of families.  No child is born with the same rights as an adult without first demonstrating the mandates of maturity, responsibility and sound judgment.  Reformists look to self-governed schools and churches to be a reflection of the community their children grow up in, not government schools pouring out a product of narcissism and void of the historical significance of our Nation.   9-28-09   Education involves the basics of language, math and the sciences.  Reformists believe it also entails citizenship - the endowments of self-responsibility and respect for proper authority.   9-28-09
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The Village

          Reformists solemnly commend peer-influence that induces individuals of all ages to achieve the virtues of our Nation’s heritage.   Reformists fiercely defend the right to present characters from both the Bible as well as from secular history that portray and reinforce the best of charity, freedom and determination.   10-8-09

          Reformists look to our law enforcement and military organizations as the embodiment of guardians to America’s peoples.  But without the teaching of our history as a Nation, without the officers of the law or the military soldier understanding basic concepts of the greatest free country in the world, America is in danger of a force willingly led by a tyrant.  Reformists demand that our police force and military be imbued with the patriotism of our forefathers.   9-28-09
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          The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are the pinnacle of the mountain of freedom, supported by Federalist history and the blood of patriots.  "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." ~Thomas Jefferson They have never been, nor must they ever become documents for pluralistic interpretation that compromise our basic American values.  They shall -- they must remain just as they were written over two hundred years ago.
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