The guy is a clown, and with a little persuasion of the imagination could even be called a buffoon. He gets too mello-dramatic at times, stretching out the punchline to the point of frustration.
   You can tell when he only acts frustrated, but when he focuses on the subject at hand and forgets himself, he transforms into something akin to that of a prophet and a patriot. 
On his TV show at Fox News, Beck is moving all the time, even when he's sitting down.  The cameras often rush to catch up, which gives you a good look at the cue monitors and stage hands.  You only notice the distractions for a moment, for when he dives in to the subject of the day, you are submerged into a real-life drama of a Nation on the verge of renewal or slipping into a socialist pit of despair and our loss of freedom.  This is Glenn Beck.
I join Glenn Beck on his midnight ride to Renewal.
~Gary Darling, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
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"Glenn Beck is an idiot."  -Discover Magazine
"Leading the lunatic fringe."  -Time Magazine
"A lying sack of dog mess."  -Whoopi Goldberg
"Only in his wildest dreams could an actual suicide bomber hope to do as much damage to this country."  -Keith Olbermann
"[A] frightfully strange man"  -Tina Brown
"A vampire... a 'death lover.'"  -Roseanne Barr
"A half-informed radio blowhard."  -Vanity Fair
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